Via ferrata Bosnia and Herzegovina



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"Via ferrata" is an Italian term that is commonly translated as "iron path." Essentially, it refers to a secured mountain trail through rocky terrain where normal movement is difficult, impossible, or very dangerous

Although the term "via ferrata" is often associated with the Dolomites in Italy, the first officially built via ferrata was on the Austrian mountain Dachstein in 1843. In the highest massif of Austria, Großglockner, there is still a via ferrata dating back to 1869.

Most of these trails were constructed around the First World War for military movement and weapon positioning. However, with the development of mountaineering and tourism in general, the world of via ferratas gained more and more enthusiasts, leading to an increase in their numbers.

Today, via ferratas are built as tourist attractions and adrenaline experiences that can be found alongside roads, as well as serious routes in high mountains.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, this form of mountain ascent or adrenaline pleasure has only gained popularity in recent years and is attracting more supporters.